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Island Noodles is an efficient operation which is:

  • fast
  • clean
  • healthy
  • cost effective

Island Noodles appeals to all five senses:

  1. Sight - Attendees are visually engaged by a chef utilizing artistic knife and wok skills in a tiki-hut.
  2. Sound - Tantalizing sounds of sizzling vegetables while utensils are brightly flashing pique interest.
  3. Smell - Oriental aromas of garlic, ginger and soy sauce combine to awaken the appetite.
  4. Touch - Holding a warm, steaming bowl of Island Noodles fills one with anticipation.
  5. Taste - A delicious high flavor profile dish satisfies the palate.

Island Noodles staff is thoroughly trained on Presentation, Safety, and Customer Service and are able representatives of our high standards. Training includes:

  1. Presentation - Our personnel are well-versed in process cutting skills, utilizing safe flaming techniques and proper equipment care during cooking performance.
  2. Safety - All personnel are required to complete stringent courses to receive Food Safety and Food Handler Certificates.
  3. Customer Service - Principles of hospitality, friendliness and good service govern our behavior and embody the dignity and respect found in the ALOHA SPIRIT.
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