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Allow us to introduce you to, Island Noodles - a unique food vendor for special events which specializes in “Hawaiian Style Wok-Fired Soba Noodles”.

Hale Lake, a native Hawaiian, and founder of Island Noodles, presents a healthy, entertaining and cost effective alternative for organizers of special events to offer their patrons. Island Noodles has proven to be extremely popular for over 12 years, especially among the health conscious Festival/Fair attendees. Currently, Island Noodles operates in nine states, 31 cities and performs over 100 venues annually providing enjoyable results for attendees and organizers alike.

Island Noodles started in 1995 with a popular family recipe. Using this recipe and Hale's training at The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York (graduate 1980) a new concept menu item designed for special events was born.

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